Picnic baskets set created practical-downright stylish

Turning any event into the perfect gathering with the right picnic hamper set

Is there anything better than enjoying a warm summer day, feeling the grass beneath a blanket and partaking in some of the finer tastes of life on a great picnic? At Picnicom, we don't think so.

That's why we provide the essential products that picnic-goers can rely on year-in and year-out so that they can enjoy family, play or leisure time to the fullest. With a wide range of picnic accessories - including cooler backpacks, portable charcoal grills and coolers on wheels - Picnicom makes finding great picnic accessories easy.

As a virtual picnic basket for all our customers' picnicking needs, Picnicom provides a wide selection of picnic products through one convenient Web resource. Here, we know how difficult finding the best picnicking products for your budget can be given the scattered selection offered by many major carriers. That's why we provide not only a wide range of picnic accessories, but also a convenient website that lets shoppers stay on budget when conducting their purchase.

By clicking "Add to Wishlist" shoppers who look for products with Picnicom can easily store their favorite picnicking items for later or compare the pros and cons of their favorite accessories. This allows our customers to ensure they're getting a product they'll be able to enjoy on relaxing summer afternoons for years to come.


Preparing for a picnic

While the food items and drinks will certainly be the main attraction at any picnic, the right accessories can make the journey to and from the meal all the more enjoyable. With the right picnic basket, picnickers can set the tone for the event, whether it's a classy gathering or an informal event.

However, after deciding on the right basket, the work isn't over. Picnickers need to find utensils, napkins and cups, as well as the easy-to-carry and fashionable bags that allow these items to be transported to and from the perfect picnic spot. With a wide variety of picnic baskets, Picnicom has the perfect item for any picnicker in the color and size of their choice. In addition, we offer select bags that come with high-quality utensils, ensuring that picnickers can help the environment by reducing waste from paper utensils and items.

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Turning any event into the perfect picnic

Whether it's for a birthday celebration, family gathering or for no reason other than a great spring or summer day, there are plenty of ways to turn a humdrum afternoon into a great excuse for a picnic. But, to store cake, drinks and chilled items, the right cooler and grill can be essential. By choosing products that are not only lightweight and easy to pack into your backseat or trunk, you can create great outdoor occasions that you'll remember for years to come.

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Picnicom, making purchasing picnic accessories as simple as a summer's day

In addition to easy comparison and shopping tools, every picnic cooler and insulated backpack we stock at Picnicom.com comes with an ample product description that includes details such as what's included in the set, the size of the items and information on how these items can be used on your next picnic.

At Picnicom, our new approach to online shopping aims to up the ante for those looking to live life to the fullest. Whether customers need the latest home and garden supplies - such as barbecue tools, grilling accessories or home tool sets - or tailgating ideas from our daily blog, our customers gain the benefits of a service that fits their active lifestyle by helping them truly live a life of leisure. 


Picnics save money and bring families together

Families really should go on as many picnics as they can. It's such a great opportunity for everyone to get together, and enjoy some peace and quiet in the great outdoors, because as we've all learned through the years, life moves fast. In that same breath,

I'll admit that time goes by so quickly sometimes that I get lazy and take my family out to eat more than I should. That's great once in awhile, but there's something different about being outside in a park or on a beach, and for me, that's a much more valuable experience.

And of course, what you get out of it as a family is most important, but there are a lot more benefits than just that. First of all, the food you make for a picnic is probably going to be significantly healthier than what you would get at a restaurant or from a fast food joint. And what's even better is that it's cheap.

My kids love grilled food, which is great because it's cheaper and healthier than fast food. So whenever we go out for a picnic, we always bring a portable charcoal grill. As I'm sure is true with your family, everyone likes something different, so we always bring a big cooler on wheels stocked with all the fixings. I personally like to make myself some steak tips, while my wife and two daughters always eat salmon, believe it or not. It's actually pretty easy to cook salmon on the grill.

I always make a marinade the night before and let the fish soak in it. If you decide to do that, too, be sure that you do a little research because some spices, like mint, can overwhelm the flavor of the salmon steak if it's left on it for too long. With simple recipes and time together outside, families can not only save money, they can also get closer by picnicking.


Oudoor equipment 

Whether it's taking a simple walk through a sunny local park, coasting along the waterside on a bicycle or getting out new camping chairs for an extended stay off the beaten path, Americans look forward to getting outside and stretching their legs whenever possible.

And there are many reasons you may choose to engage in these types of leisure activities year round. For example, unlike going to the movies or the local shopping mall, being outdoors allows you to experience the freedom of living a different lifestyle, the ability to reconnect with

family and friends and the means to see your country in ways that can increase your peace and relaxation so that it carries over well into the next work week.

However, to truly enjoy these moments, you need to ensure that you bring all the necessary supplies to your next leisure gathering. This means investing in outdoor equipment like high-quality camping chairs, a beach mat or backpack beach chair or finally

purchasing a beach umbrella that can form the perfect complement to what your friends and family are already bringing along for the event.

We provide outdoor equipment and more from one easy-to-use ecommerce site that allows shoppers to compare, purchase and receive these leisure items without taking a trek to the nearest store to get them. And with savings that you won't be able to find anywhere else, you

can rest assured that Picnicom will help make these purchases more affordable.

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