Basket for Picnic - Elegant (Service two)

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Basket for Picnic - Elegant (Service two)

Elegant wooden picnic carrier with service for twoBasket for picnic elegant

A conventional design coupled with a lot of utility is what the elegant picnic basket stands for.

The elegant picnic basket is one of the finest picnic baskets which a person can use for special occasions and outdoor gatherings to carry food and wine.

One of the most eye catching aspects of this picnic basket tends to be its conventional design which has a touch of simplicity and elegance carved upon it.

The soothing deep blue colour of the basket ensures that the vintage feel is evident in every part of the picnic basket.

The provision of shoulder strap makes the unit easy to carry and commute with. Despite the conventional design that this basket features, there isn’t a touch of compromise with the features of the product at all.


The picnic basket has been equipped with all of the essential features that we may find in the modern day picnic baskets. It is the ideal picnic basket for the people that are looking forward to an asset that would be easy to carry and equally productive.

There are dedicated compartments for storing all of the essentials which is requisite for the provision of services to two people.

The dedicated compartments are capable of holding two wine glasses so that they do not break or get damaged in any way.

In addition to that there are compartments for storing two standard sized ceramic plates and two sets of flatware with white handles. One wine bottle opener has been provided along so that the person can easily open the bottle without any hassle outdoors.

One salt and pepper shaker has also been provided along with napkins and table cloth storage units.

The striped multi-colour look of the inner linings also adds on to the elegance of the product and makes it even more soothing to the eyes. It is certainly one of the most ideal picnic baskets for outdoor lovers.

 Basket for Picnic - Elegant (Service two) Features:

  •  shoulder strap 
  •  1 OPENER 
  •  2 NAPKINS 
  •  1 wine bottle 
  •  1 salt shaker and 1 pepper shaker Size(INCH): 
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