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The elegant styling and contemporary looks makes the picnic basket a great addition to the already existing range of utility picnic baskets.

estate-elite-picnic-basketEstate Elite Picnic Basket For the people that are on the lookout for a modern design with an appeal of its own, the Elite Picnic Basket can be the ideal picnic basket.

It features an elegant and modernistic design along with impeccable utility spaces. The Estate Picnic Basket features a very modern design with dual folding lids.

The dual folding lids have been equipped with a number of chambers where the person can easily store all of the essentials.

Its simplistic design featuring light-colored willow threads is eye-catching.

All of the details have been paid with impeccable attention to render a perfect finish to the product.

The elegant styling and contemporary looks make the picnic basket a great addition to the already existing range of utility picnic baskets.

Some of the most integral features of the picnic basket can be envisioned as follows.

The picnic basket comes in with an insulated cooler compartment and a cutlery wallet to store all of the utensils.

The wallet comprises of 4 cheese knives of stainless steel, 4 forks, and 4 spoons. All of the products are made from high-grade stainless steel.

It also encompasses 4 sets of flatware and has dedicated compartments for storing 4 wine glasses as well.

There is provision for carrying one cooler bag, four napkins of standard dimensions and one corkscrew bottle opener as well. The central space is huge for carrying the entire essentials requisite for a picnic of four people.

There isn’t an interior lining of cotton, but the conventional design helps to enhance the rustic feel. This is the ideal picnic basket for people that are into outdoor activities on a frequent basis. It is sturdy and easy to carry as well.

It is a great gifting option since the elegance and rustic outlook is certainly worth the appreciation. Willow picnic basket for four with insulated cooler compartment and cutlery wallet Content:

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