Why Eat Outside? 5 Shocking Benefits of Being in Nature

benefits of being in nature Relaxing weekend. Beautiful young mother giving her daughter a banana while the entire family enjoying picnic in the park, sitting on the grass
Why are you eating your lunch indoors? There are many reasons why eating your lunch outside can improve your mood, health, and wellbeing. Check out these surprising benefits of being in nature.

Benefits of being in nature., there are some definite benefits to spending your lunch break outside, in a quiet nature filled area far away from the hustle and bustle of your workplace.

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1. Relieve Stress

Studies have found that spending time outside can help decrease stress.

People that spend time outdoors have lower levels of cortisol, which is a great indicator of stress. Spending time outside can help lower heart rates and improve overall mental states.

Eating a lunch outside is one of the best ways to get yourself outdoors.

2. Promotes a Healthier Diet

Being healthy can be hard when you have short lunch breaks with not a lot of time to prepare food.

But with some careful meal prep you'll have the perfect picnic lunch to bring with you to work. Eating outside can inspire you to eating healthy. One of the best ways to eat healthy is to start a garden that you can use the products from in your picnic meals.

3. Calms the Mind

If you like spending time outside you probably have a step up on being a centered person.

Being outside can help lower blood pressure and reduces feelings of anxiety. Using your lunch to center your mind and calm yourself can help you feel less stressed about work.

Walking in the woods during your lunch break can help support clinical treatments.

"Green exercise" will get you in touch with nature. And will also help you keep in tune with your body and your mind. If you can, find a part of your favorite park that's close to water. Running water can do wonders in improving your mental state too.

4. Improves Your Short-Term Memory

Spending time outside can help you remember simple tasks like, where your car keys are. Or the last item on your grocery list.

Scientists have proven that being out in nature can greatly improve your recall abilities and can help your short-term memory as you get older.

If you feel yourself slipping when it comes to doing simple tasks or forgetting what you're supposed to be working on, make a point of going outside during your lunch breaks. Allowing yourself to recharge in nature may help your memory abilities in the long run.

5. Help Your Chronic Health

If you're looking for a way to boost your immune system, now might be a good time to hang out in a wooded park in your community.

Spending time outside can help your body's chronic health. Being outside in a quiet environment relaxes your mind and allows your body to calm itself. This all goes a long way in improving your immune system and keeps you from getting sick throughout the year.

More Benefits of Being in Nature

If you're looking for some more benefits of being in nature, visit our blog. We have tips on choosing the right meal for your next picnic, as well as games you might like to play with your kids when you're outside.

Spending time with your loved ones outside can go great lengths to improving your mental health. And even if you can't pack yourself a full picnic lunch, making a point of spending your lunch break at work outside will help you feel better about yourself and your job.