The Best Recipes for Picnic Food

camping-meal-plan Your weekend in the woods shouldn't be stressful. Spend less time planning and more time hiking the great outdoors by following this detailed camping meal plan.

Cooking your camping meal plan by a fire is actually very versatile. You may be surprised by the amount of healthy, filling dishes you will be able to cook when living off the land.

For these dishes, you should be sure to have an icebox or sturdy cooler with ice packs so your ingredients stay fresh. You should also carry a pan and a large pot that are both suitable for open fires.

Here is a comprehensive camping meal plan for your weekend getaway:

Breakfast: Eggs and Bacon

The classic American breakfast works just as well in the great outdoors as it does in your home kitchen. To save time preparing and cleaning up, beat the eggs ahead of time and place them in a Ziploc bag.

This is due to the fact that whole eggs are hard to transport in the carton and may break during transport, although there are ways to prevent this. You can add your favorite vegetables and cheeses to the egg mixture if you wish.

After cooking the bacon in the pan, serve this timeless dish to your fellow campers and get ready for the day ahead.

Lunch: Caprese Sandwiches

These sandwiches are fresh and tasty and are perfect as a portable handheld lunch if you do not have time to return to your campsite during the day.

Just take some crusty, thick bread, layer some pesto on both sides, add tomato and fresh mozzarella, and top it off with a little balsamic glaze. That's it!

The benefit of eating this sandwich in the middle of the day is that it is a light meal, but it is sure to keep you satisfied during your excursions.

Snack: Fruit

For a midday snack, you can't go wrong with a fiber-packed fruit like an apple. You should look to fruit to give you that burst of energy you need to combat late-afternoon fatigue. 

The high fiber content in some fruits will also enable you to stay satiated until dinner time.

Dinner: Campfire Chili

After a long day out in the wilderness, you deserve to come back to camp and enjoy a steaming bowl of hearty chili.

Chili is a classic addition to any campfire meal plan because its ingredients require little preparation. All you need is water, a can of crush tomatoes, a can of beef, beans of your choice, and any of the spices you desire.

Some pre-cut onions and peppers can also go a long way for the flavor and texture of your chili. After adding all the ingredients to your pot, let them stew together until the chili is aromatic.

Your Camping Meal Plan is Ready to Go!

There it is, your camping meal plan! Depending on how many days you will be traveling, you should pack ingredients that can be used for multiple dishes.

Planning a camping trip doesn't have to be stressful.