Picnic supplies

Picnic Supplies You Should Always Have

Picnic supplies., Now that spring is finally here, people can start planning picnics again. Enjoying meals in the fresh air is one of the best parts of the weather starting to warm up.

Packing a picnic might sound easy, but you'd be surprised how often people forget basic picnic supplies. If you've never packed for a picnic, there are some things that you definitely shouldn't leave behind.

Read on to learn our five essential picnic supplies.

1. Picnic Blanket

These days, some people skip the blanket and find a picnic table instead. If you want the true picnic experience, though, bring a blanket and settle in on the grass. (Plus, you'll have something to sit on if the park is busy and all the tables are taken!)

If you do sit at a table, a blanket can double as a fun tablecloth to add some extra flair to your meal.

2. Frozen Bottles Of Water

You'll thank yourself for planning ahead and freezing the water you plan to take with you. If you want to bring food that needs to be kept cold, the frozen bottles will act as ice in your cooler.

If it's a super hot day outside, they can also be your personal ice packs to help you cool down and prevent you from overheating.

Plus, once they melt, you'll have an ice-cold, refreshing drink.

3. Knife & Corkscrew

A combination knife/corkscrew is one of the most essential picnic supplies. Chances are you'll need the knife at some point, whether you're spreading jam or cutting cheese.

If you want to elevate your picnic with a bottle of wine or champagne, a corkscrew makes sure you can actually enjoy the beverage that you brought. You don't want to be looking forward to some bubbly only to realize you can't open it!

You can also buy a knife and corkscrew separately, but getting the combination tool will be more compact and convenient for you.

4. Trays

Being in the great outdoors can be fun, but it also comes with its own set of problems. If the ground is uneven, you risk your plates or drinks toppling over and spilling, ruining your picnic experience.

Bringing foldable trays can help to reduce this risk. You'll have an even surface to eat on without worrying that your grapes will go tumbling down the hill.

5. Sunscreen

Finally, you have to make sure that you take care of yourself. Whenever you plan to spend a lot of time outside in the sun, you should wear sunscreen.

Keep a bottle of sunscreen in the car in case you decide to have an impromptu picnic. Don't come home from your picnic with a brand new sunburn!

Stock Up On Picnic Supplies

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