How to Find the Most Scenic Picnic Spots Near You

picnic spots near youi Family enjoying picnicking in nature

Did you know that according to William Wordsworth, people have been enjoying picnics since at least the 1700s?

Picnicking is fun, and it's something you can do almost daily if you have the time. You just need to fill your hamper with utensils, favorite wine, napkins, plates, cups and other essentials. But don't forget that picking the ideal picnic spots also matters.

People love remote locations, which may not be fun if you have children. You want a spot with access to clean drinking water, bathroom amenities, and other essential services.

If you are looking for the best places for picnics around you, follow these tips:

Check Government Websites

Some of the best spots around you will likely be located inside or close to parks. If there are national parks near where you live, these places will likely be top spots for having a picnic.

You can find parks online in several ways. First, check out the National Park Service website for a listing of different parks in your region. The NPS is a branch of the federal government that funds parks in many different states.

You can also look for parks that have good picnic locations using your local county or city website. Most local government websites will be able to point you to parts of the area with hiking trails, sports fields or courts, and scenic areas.

Keep Up With Local News

One of the best places you can use in finding parks is your local news outlet. Most news channels will run TV and online stories about some of the best parks in the region, especially when the weather is nice.

Check your local paper to see if it has an outdoor or nature guide, or even an events section that may have a good list of places for a picnic.

Talk to Your Friends and Family

If you live in an area that has many great places to have a picnic, it's likely that some people you know have been on a picnic before.

Check with them to find out where they like to go to enjoy a nice outdoor meal. You may not be able to get answers directly from them, but they could point you in the right direction.

Search Social Media

One of the best things about social media is how it allows people to discover new things. This includes parts of your local city or county that would be ideal for a fun picnic.

For example, if you are using Instagram, you might want to check a hashtag like #picnicspots or the name of your city included with the word "picnics."

Make Your Own Picnic Spots

Of course, no rule says you have to visit an area that is considered an acceptable picnic spot.

Why not make your place to enjoy a delicious meal with the people you love? As long as you have a great view, a place to spread out, and the foods you need, you can have a picnic anywhere!

What Else You Need for a Picnic

Of course, having the right place is only half of the equation for a successful picnic.

You also need the right equipment. Check our site for a list of top quality picnic baskets that will help you have a fun outing no matter which of the picnic spots nearby you choose!