Hiking in Colorado: 10 Trails You Won't Want to Miss

hiking-in-colorado-picnicom The state of Colorado has some of the best views, nature, and mountains in the country.

If you love outdoor activities, hiking in Colorado should be at the top of your list.
To prove you should head to the trails of Colorado, here are the top 10 spots.

1. Lost Man Loop

Lost Man trail is located near Aspen, Colorado. The round trip hike is about 8.9 miles.
It can be accessed through Lost Man Campground and Independence Trail Head off of Highway 82. This trail features scenic meadows and high alpine lakes.

2. Longs Peak

If you're looking for summit hiking in Colorado, Longs peak is your trail.
This hike offers astonishing views of the Rockies, in Rocky Mountain National Park. Longs Peak is a 16-mile hike that takes experienced hikers approximately 15 hours.
The peak sits at an altitude of 4,855 ft, so it's not for the faint of heart.

3. Bison Peak

Bison Peak has an altitude of 12,431 ft. and it treks around the Tarryall Mountains.
Access this 11.2-mile hike by taking the 285 Highway. Experienced hikers can complete this hike in about 6 to 8 hours.

4. Lion Lakes

The hike to Lions Lake will take you through 13 miles of the Wild Basin Region. This region is located south of Longs Peak.
There are several campsites located .7 miles from the trek route. Some parts of the trail are very popular, so it's recommended you get an early start.

5. Chautauqua

This 3.9 miles trail is located in the Flatirons of Boulder. This trail offers views of the meadows and the Flatirons.
Inexperienced and experienced hikers can enjoy this 2.9 miles trail.
6. Barr Trail, Pikes Peak
The most popular trail in Pikes Peak is Barr Trail. Hikers can bring their dogs on this 13-mile hike.
The peak of the trail has an altitude of 14,115 ft. Parts of the trail are best suited for experienced hikers, but beginners can also enjoy the trail.

7. Blue Lakes Trail

Blue Lakes trail is an 8.6-mile hike perfect for those looking to backpack, fish, and take scenic photos.
That is because this trail will pass through Mount Sneffels. You'll pass through meadows or wildflowers before you arrive at the tree-lined lake.

8. Caribou Lake

Caribou Lake trails are perfect for hikers who want to backpack and enjoy some fishing.
This 8.2 miles hike is best enjoyed in the summer and fall seasons.

9. Crater Lake

The hike to Crater Lake is 3.6 miles and it's suitable for beginners. Since the elevation gain is only 500 feet, it's ideal for camping.
Summer and fall are the best times to go. Especially for photographers, who will have lots of great scenic photographs.

10. Maroon Bells

The Maroon Bells are located only 10 miles from Aspen. Most visitors going to Aspen don't want to miss this hike.
The views from Maroon Lake's shores will be worth the hike.

Colorado has so many trails it's difficult to pick the best one. Before you go hiking in Colorado, pick the trail appropriate for your hiking experience.