picnic for kids group of happy kids eating watermelon on green grass in summer park Group of happy kids eating watermelon on green grass in summer park

How to Plan the Perfect Picnic for Kids

Picnic for kids., A truly alarming study found that the average American child actually spends less time outside than many prisoners do.

As a parent, we know you want to do everything you can to encourage your child to spend more time outdoors. However, sometimes that's certainly easier said than done.

One of the best ways you can get your child off the computer and out into the sunshine instead? Plan a picnic for kids.

Want to learn more about how to pull it off? Then keep reading this post.

Create A Guest List

The first step in planning the perfect picnic for your children and their friends?

Get together and settle on a guest list. Decide if you'd prefer a smaller gathering, or if you're willing to open it up to more children in their class or grade.

Remember, if you do decide to keep it smaller, talk to your children about keeping the picnic quiet at school. You don't want your day in the park to lead to any hurt feelings!

We especially love the idea of creating a picnic-themed birthday party so in that way, everyone can be involved!

Plan Fun Games

It's not exactly a secret that most children have notoriously short attention spans.

This means that sitting out in the sun and relaxing once the meal is over isn't really an option. To keep your children from getting too wound up, we suggest planning a few games for later in the afternoon.

Things like duck, duck, goose, capture the flag, and the classic game of tag works well.

They could also disturb others in a smaller park. Instead, try setting up a scavenger hunt ahead of time. Not only will this help children to work together, it's also incredibly easy to clean up afterward.

When you're preparing for your picnic? Don't forget to pack plenty of water and sunscreen in order to stave off sunburns and dehydration.

You might also consider packing a few band-aids and other first aid supplies in case of any boo-boos.

Make It Potluck Style

One of the most fun things about planning a picnic for kids?

Getting them involved in the responsibility of deciding on and actually preparing the right food! Since picnic recipes are generally fairly easy to make, even young children can do their part.

Plus, we know that as a parent, you don't want to have to worry about cooking a picnic lunch for several picky eaters!

Make it potluck style, and make it easy on yourself.

Get The Right Supplies For Your Picnic For Kids

Finally, no picnic for kids would be complete without the right supplies!

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