What You Don't Know About How to Picnic like a Pro

Everything You Need to Know About How to Picnic Happy young friends having picnic in the park.They are all happy,having fun,smiling and playing guitar.

Summer is here, which means you can get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

There are lots of fun family activities you can do in the summertime, and a picnic is one of the best ones.

Pulling off a great picnic takes planning and preparation. You need to know where to go, which foods to bring, and how to prepare them. In this post, we'll give you our top tips, so you can learn how to picnic the right way.

Everything You Need to Know About How to Picnic

Use these tips to impress your family and friends with your picnic-planning skills.

Choose the Right Spot

The location you choose will make or break your picnic experience.

Your go-to spot may be your local park, but there are so many more places you can go. Try a beautiful botanical garden, a beach, a lake or somewhere you've never been before. A quick Google search for 'picnic areas near me' will give you a list of places to choose from.

Consider how busy it's likely to be before you set off. Are you happy to be surrounded by other families, dog walkers and playing children, or would you rather be somewhere more secluded?

A remote spot might be a good place to get away from it all, but you'll need some parking and bathroom facilities nearby.

Bring an Insulated Picnic Basket

It's essential that you prepare and store your picnic food in the right way.

The last thing you want is to open up your picnic basket and find that your chilled food has become warm and soggy and your ice has melted. That's why you should pack it in an insulated picnic basket. That will make sure everything is kept at the right temperature until it's time to eat.

Don't Forget Entertainment

Picnics aren't just about food. Once you've eaten, you'll need some activities to keep you busy.

Before you head out, think about some fun games to play. You might want to pack a deck of playing cards, a bat and ball, a frisbee, or some other equipment. It's a good idea to bring a Bluetooth speaker so you can listen to some music, too.

Have a Potluck

If your picnic is going to be a gathering of friends or colleagues, consider making it a potluck.

This spread out the responsibility of food preparation, taking some of the pressure off for you. It's also a nice way to get everyone involved. If you like, you can create a theme for everyone to follow.

Don't Forget the Essentials

Now that you know how to picnic the right way, you're ready to start planning your day out.

Just make sure you don't forget anything. As well as food and drinks, there are lots of other things you need to remember. You don't want to be left without a picnic blanket to sit on, utensils to eat with, or sunscreen to protect your skin.

Create a to-do list to make sure you stay on top of it all. To find out what you should put on it, see our list of essential picnic supplies.