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5 Themed Picnic Basket Ideas

Picnic baskets ideas., Looking to throw the perfect picnic? While it's tough to beat a great basket of good food and the perfect picnic location, you can still take things to the next level with a theme.

With themed picnic basket ideas, you can make a special occasion even more wonderful. A theme can turn an ordinary picnic into an outing to remember.

Read on to get some fresh picnic inspiration!

1. Hold Your Own Carnival

Bring all the fun of a carnival to your local park with the first one of our picnic basket ideas.

Prepare carnival-inspired foods, like corndogs. You can even make healthier baked versions. Don't forget the popcorn and cotton candy!

Decorate your basket with brightly colored streamers and stick pinwheels into the ground for an added touch of fun.

2. Teddy Bear Picnic

Looking to throw a picnic that's a big hit with little ones? Why not take some inspiration from the famous song: the Teddy Bear Picnic!

Bring some teddy bears with you and arrange them on your picnic blanket. If you're hosting a picnic for guests, ask all your invitees to bring along their favorite cuddly toys.

Complete the theme with some cute food and decor. Get teddy bear themed plates and napkins. You can decorate cupcakes like adorable teddy bears to really complete the theme.

3. Bring a Story to Life

For more picnic basket inspiration, look no further than your children's favorite movie or book. Plan your meal and decorations around the world of their favorite story.

If they love Frozen, for example, create a wintery scene with piles of white blankets. Make marshmallow snowmen treats, and bring speakers to play songs from the soundtrack.

If they love Harry Potter, hand out wands along with magical themed treats like "pumpkin juice" or butterbeer.

No matter what their favorite story is, there are sure to be a ton of details you can use to create a really fun picnic theme.

4. Compete in the Olympics

Are your kids on the sporty side? Host a picnic with Olympic proportions of fun!

Plan some Olympic-inspired activities for your kids, like sprinting, long jump, and ribbon dancing. This will keep them busy and active! Award homemade medals for each event.

You can also make things extra creative by decorating cookies to look like Olympic medals. Talk about sweet victory!

5. Outer Space Exploration

Make sure your next picnic is out of this world! Plan an outer space themed picnic.

Cut stars of out aluminum foil and make construction paper planets. String them together and hang these space-themed garlands around your picnic area. You can even dress your kids up in some simple costumes to add to the fun.

Then, make some fun space-themed snacks like alien deviled eggs.

Wrapping Up: Planning Picnic Basket Ideas

Making your food and decor fit into a theme can make an outing really special. These five themes can all make for fun picnics.

But these are only the tip of the iceberg! Brainstorm more themes as a family. You'll be surprised at the fun themes you can come up with together, and the wonderful picnic baskets that you can put together!

Ready for your next picnic? Make sure you've got all the accessories you need to make your outing one to remember.

Start planning your picnic today!