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Best Picnic Sets You Need For the Summer

Are you looking for life-changing picnic sets to get outside more with your family or significant other?

Picnicking is an age-old tradition that involves indulgent food in an outdoor setting.

Examples of prime picnic foods include cheese, wine, crackers, fruit, pastries, and sandwiches. The sky is the limit when you picnic, and it is one of the best ways to pass the time.

It is especially wonderful in the warm spring and summer months. It could even be a family-tradition or hobby over time.

Interested in panicking and looking for the best picnic sets? Check out five amazing sets below.

1. Picnic Time Country Picnic Basket with Red & White Gingham Liner

This best-selling basket is country-inspired with a liner that will channel a rustic charm regardless of the event.

It's classic design with dual-entry and sturdy handle make it ideal for transportation. As well, one added perk is that it offers a level surface on the top, perfect for pouring wine or other beverages.

2. Picnic at Ascot's Ultimate Insulated Picnic Cooler on Wheels

This Picnic basket and cooler is perfect for long walks, such as areas that require a little hike.

The large side pouch is great for storing other picnic essentials, and the divider inside help keep your foods separate.

3. The Newbury Picnic Basket

This English basket is suitcase styled and is sizeable enough for a family of four. Made from the durable willow tree and lined plaid cotton, it is the perfect combination of style and function.

An added bonus is that unlike many picnic sets, this one comes with all the essentials. From shatterproof glasses to porcelain plates, you can be sure you will dine in luxury.

4. Ascot Deluxe Equipped Two-Person Picnic Backpack

This unusual picnic basket is actually also a backpack, which makes it ideal for outdoor events such as concerts, beach days, or hikes.

It comes with two side compartments perfectly sized for two bottles of wine or water, as well as a full set of dinnerware.

Moreover, it comes with a cheeseboard that will allow you to enjoy a wonderfully sophisticated lunch away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

5. Ascot Full Equipped Frisco Picnic Basket for Two

A basket that is perfect for a romantic day-date, this stylish design will have your sweetie wanting to picnic every weekend.

The design has hints of retro alongside its honey-colored handwoven slats. The basket comes fully equipped with all the picnic essentials.

This is the perfect beginner basket, and it can make an amazing gift for an outdoorsy person or a couple you may know.

The Best Picnic Sets for You

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