romantic-picnic-for-two Romantic picnic

A romantic picnic is a perfect way to spend one-on-one time with your significant other. It's a perfect opportunity to get

away while spending time in nature, enjoying each other and engaging in intimate conversation.

When the weather is warm enough to spend a few hours outdoors, there's nothing better than cozying up on a blanket

in the sunshine.

For some people, planning a picnic might seem complicated. But there's no need to feel stressed. Fortunately, there are

tips for making the process easy.

How to Plan a Romantic Picnic for Two

Every once in a while couples need to break out of their normal routine and shake things up. We'll show you how to plan

a romantic picnic you'll both love.

Prepare a Simple, Mess-Free Main Course

The best food choices for a romantic picnic are sandwiches and salads. Keep it classy by avoiding messy foods like chicken

wings or pizza.

Bring a Blanket and Picnic Basket

Prepare for your picnic by bringing a blanket and other accessories, and packing your food in an old-fashioned picnic basket.

Spread the blanket on the ground to prevent dirt and grass stains, and to discourage uninvited guests like ants and other bugs

from getting on the food or your clothes.

Bring Snacks to Eat While You Talk

Be sure to pack light snacks to munch on while you talk. Strawberries and blueberries make a perfect afternoon snack. Nothing

is more romantic than eating chocolate-covered strawberries while you snuggle with your sweetheart. Hummus and pita bread

is another great snack option you can enjoy together.

Bring Champagne or Wine, and Chocolate

A picnic is a perfect occasion to indulge in your favorite champagne or wine. Nothing goes better with these than fine chocolate.

Chocolate has properties that promote positive feelings and good health.

Don't forget the corkscrew!

Check the Weather and Find the Perfect Location

Warm weather makes for the best conditions to enjoy an outdoor picnic. Late spring and fall are ideal, and even the summer

months are great if you can manage to avoid the heat. If you're planning ahead, check the extended forecast for rain or a cold front.

The perfect location is all about preference. Look for level ground beside a body of water, or beneath a tree so that you'll have

shade on a bright, sunny afternoon. Spread the blanket and lie down so that you can both enjoy the clouds or the stars.

If you have a CD player, listen to soft music while you talk and enjoy the lovely surroundings.

The Perfect Picnic

A romantic picnic is an ideal way to reconnect with that special someone. We suggest leaving your phone in the car so that you

can focus on one another.

Keep it simple. There's no reason to overcomplicate things by trying to be elaborate. Picnics should be stress-free and spontaneous.

Enjoy the afternoon, the sunshine, and being alone together in a beautiful location.

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