6 Must-Know Tips For Planning a Picnic For Your Company

company picnic ideas Tips For Planning a Picnic For Your Company

Trying to plan a good picnic for your company?

Here's a bit of advice for your company picnic ideas : don't make it the exact same as last year's picnic. Planning a picnic from scratch can be hard, but your options are limitless.

Take a look at these six tips that will help you plan a company picnic ideas your staff won't forget.

1. company picnic ideas

Choose a time

Summer is a good time for picnics because the weather is nice and people like to be outside. But picking a day of the week can depend on exactly who is coming to your picnic.

One of the first parts of picking a time is picking whether the picnic will involve just your employees or their families as well.

If spouses and children are coming to the picnic, you should schedule the event for a weekend. Saturdays around noon or early afternoon are the most popular family picnic times.

But if you decide to keep the picnic to staff members only, a weekday is a better option.

2. Pick a Venue

Make this something different than last year (unless going to the same location every year means a lot to your staff). That will create more excitement around the event.

If the venue is outside, make sure you have a backup plan for bad weather.

Canopies create shade on a hot day and shelter on a rainy day. If the weather gets bad, you should also have things like blankets, area heaters, and sunblock (for extremely warm days) at hand.

3. Provide Activities and Entertainment

These should be appropriate for your audience. If you'll have children at the picnic, think of getting some carnival games, bounce houses, balloon artists, and clowns.

Don't skimp on entertainment just because all your guests are adults. Even they will enjoy things like paddle boats, karaoke, magicians, comedians, DJs, impersonators, and fortune tellers.

The list goes on and on.

If you do have activities at your picnic, you might want to consider providing an itinerary as well.

4. Make the Raffle Prizes Good

Don't just give away company promotional items or other work-related prizes. Include raffle prizes that people actually want.

These might be things like money, gift cards, new technology, and other things that will leave a lasting impression on people. Pick things you'd be excited to get.

These things can turn the raffle into the highlight of the entire picnic.

5. Provide the Right Food

People want to eat traditional picnic food during a picnic, but don't be afraid to add some new things. When it comes to food, it's important to make sure you'll have enough for everyone.

Try to figure out how many people will be at the picnic as early as possible. This way, you can prepare for the right amount of food.

Things like cotton candy and popcorn machines are added pieces of excitement, especially for kids.

6. Pick a Theme

This just makes your picnic a little more fun. You don't have to be too detailed, but adding the theme to your tablecloths, food, decorations, and activities is a nice twist.

The theme could be anything from a beach party to a day at the circus.

Planning a Picnic for Your Company

When it comes to planning a picnic for your company, you should get started as early as possible. That will get people excited about the picnic and give you plenty of times to get it all together.

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