5 Stylish Picnic Blankets to Bring on Your Next Outing

picnic blankets If you still need to invest in one, here are some stylish and useful picnic blankets that we offer

Is there anything better than a picnic? Not really. You can't have a picnic without a picnic basket and you can't have a picnic with the perfect picnic blankets. If you are not sure what makes a picnic blanket perfect, we're here to help.

The best picnic blanket is one that goes with you anywhere. Concerts, camping, backyard sunbathing and still looks great doing it. Let's take a look at what makes the best picnic blankets.

Picking the Perfect Picnic Blankets

You might think that any old blanket will do just fine for your picnic. You are mistaken. Your picnic will actually taste better on a proper picnic blanket. Fact.

1. Go Plaid

There is just something that screams picnic about a red and white plaid blanket. It's even better when you can match it to your picnic basket. It looks great and just seems to bring the whole picnic together.

Plus, Yogi Bear has one, so there is that whole other cool factor to consider.

2. Waterproof

Finding a picnic blanket that has a waterproof back is perfect. It's great if the ground or grass is a bit damp. You can't always tell if the ground is wet when you first sit down.

Plus, you can hide underneath of it if it starts to rain and have your picnic ala blanket fort.

3. Size and Thickness Matters

A good thick blanket is just more comfortable. It's easier to sit or lay down longer if the blanket is providing comfort between your bottom and the hard ground. Also, perfect if you need a little nap after your lunch.

You also want the blanket to be large enough to spread your food and still have seating room for everyone.

4. Soft, Not Scratchy

People often grab an older blanket when going on a picnic, thinking that as it's already old, it won't matter if it gets ruined. But it does matter. You want to sit, relax and enjoy yourself. Dad's old army blanket just makes you uncomfortable.

5. Foldable

Hoy Boy! Nothing like a languid afternoon in the park, a belly-full of sandwiches and that bottle of Pinot. Then, you have to pack everything up to go home. How many times have you just balled up that blanket and tossed it in the trunk?

What not use a picnic basket designed to be folded? It folds up to be used as seating, it's perfect for the picnic and it carries like a handbag. What more could you want!

Aunts, Not Ants

There is just something about a picnic that makes the summer complete. Whether you go with a few simple sandwiches or break out a grill, you want the picnic to be perfect.

Family, friends, the perfect date. No one says no to a picnic.

Finding the perfect picnic blankets can really make a big difference to your comfort and will serve you well in other activities, as well. If you already have a blanket and are looking for a tote or any other accessories, please visit us here.