5 Summer Picnic Recipes That Are Sure to Impress


summer picnic recipes Delicious picnic spread with fresh fruit, bread, spicy sausage and cheese spread out on a red and white checkered cloth in a lush spring park

There's nothing like a family picnic as a great way to spend time together, doing something we all love - having a great meal!

If you've got a picnic blanket, a beautiful setting and the ones you love, all you need is awesome food to make it a truly special experience.

Read on for 5 great summer picnic recipes that will keep everyone happy, and won't fail to impress.

1. Cupcake Quiches

All you need to make these little beauties is a cupcake tin, some eggs and a little imagination.

Forget the hassle of making pastry and blind baking, these tasty morsels are perfectly pocket-sized and can be made as healthy or as decadent as you like. Perfect also for low-carb or gluten intolerant family members.

Simply beat your eggs, season and throw in whatever chopped veggies, meats or cheeses take your fancy. 20 minutes in the oven then allow to cool, remove from the tins and pack up for your summer picnic.

2. Salad in a Cup

No-one wants anything too heavy on a summer picnic and while salad would seem to be the ideal cold picnic food, all too often it's the messiness that puts us off including it.

Not so with salad in a cup. Simply layer up the salad ingredients in whatever individual sized cups you like, cover with cling wrap, throw in a fork and away you go!

Inspiration can be taken from the popular bowl salads of recent years, with our personal favorites including beetroot, squash and feta and twists on the classic Caesar.

3. Soup... In Summer?

Just as we turn to hot soup on a winter's day, why not bring along a refreshing ice-cold soup for a sophisticated summer picnic?

The most popular cold soup is the ever refreshing gazpacho.

It's simplicity itself to prepare as it's an uncooked combination of passata, garlic, onions, cucumber, bell peppers and olive oil. Simply blend together and season to taste.

Make sure it is ice cold before you put it in a thermos to take with you, and simply drizzle a little extra olive oil on top just before serving. Hunks of rustic bread make a perfect combination.

4. Loaf Sandwich

Perfect for groups, as you make this sandwich using a whole loaf - in this case, a ciabatta, and simply slice before serving.

Take your ciabatta loaf and cut it in half lengthwise. Then liberally smother both cut sides in good pesto. Now the layering begins.

Think Italian - the ingredients can be anything you like, but our recommendations are thinly sliced salami, thick slices of fresh buffalo mozzarella, sliced olives, arugula and sun-dried tomatoes.

The ciabatta is robust enough to hold up even when stored for a few hours. Remember a serrated knife and you'll find this to be a real crowd pleaser!

5. Burrito Wraps

Simply take flour tortillas, rice, beans and think of summer!

Add freshly squeezed lime, sharp cheese, salsa and chopped fresh veggies, such as scallions, bell peppers and deseeded cucumber to make fresh, crunchy fillings that will burst with flavor.

Simply wrap tightly in kitchen foil to make them a great, portable summer picnic dish!

The Takeaway - Perfect Summer Picnic Recipes

The key to the best summer picnic recipes is simplicity. Quick to prepare, fresh ingredients and perfectly portable, the recipes above will enliven your summer picnic plans.

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