What to Pack For a Picnic: 10 Things You Don't Want to Forget

what to pack for a picnic If you're unsure of what to pack for a picnic, then be sure to check out this article. Click here to find 10 things you don't want to forget on your next picnic.

With the beautiful summer weather upon us, and kids coming out of school for the summer, picnics have become the perfect afternoon family activity.

With all the things that you can throw in the basket knowing what to pack for a picnic can be a little difficult. If you find yourself scratching your head for answers continue reading for ten of the best things to pack for your family.

What To Pack For A Picnic

Frozen Bottles Of Water

It's a good idea to bring frozen bottles of water to help keep your cold foods chilled, rather than ice packs.

The reason for this is as the bottles melt, you will have crisp bottles of water for all your guests to drink.

Wet Wipes

Spills happen, especially if you have little ones. Bringing wet wipes to plan for this is a smart idea.

This is also great for the messy foods you bring along. Mac and Cheese and babies don't mix.

Paper Towels

Instead of bringing stacks of napkins with you that can blow away with the wind, it's much easier to just bring a roll or two of paper towels.

Paper towel rolls won't blow away with the wind and your guests can just rip them off as they need them.


Nothing can ruin a good time like sunburn. If your guests burn easy or even if they don't you should bring along sunscreen.

You don't want your family to regret their fun picnic experience the next day due to not being able to get out of bed.

Bug Spray

Bugs are a serious pain, especially mosquitos. You want to enjoy a picnic with your family, not become a picnic yourselves.

Make sure to bring a few cans of Off with you. For an added effect you could bring along a few citronella candles as well.


If no tables are available, or you just want to go old school and enjoy your meal on the ground, you will need a blanket to sit on.

Bringing a blanket is also a good idea in cases of limited seating. You can easily go to a park with benches but on a beautiful day, they might get taken.

Yard Games

Everyone loves games, especially the kiddos. Pack a few easily portable games such as cornhole or horseshoes.

This will keep everyone entertained from kids to adults, or it will be a good way to keep kids from getting into trouble when they get restless and bored. It would be a memorable picnic for sure.


Always bring along extra condiments and seasonings. There are some who can not live without salt on their food, and some foods like sandwiches need mustard.

Be prepared by bringing travel sizes of everyone's favorite condiments and seasonings.

First Aid Supplies

Accidents happen. One moment a little one is playing horseshoes, the next they are on the ground crying.

For unexpected bumps and bruises, bring along a first aid kit.

Enjoy The Great Out Doors This Summer

With summer here, picnics are the perfect idea for a fun, family outing. It's important to know what to pack for a picnic to make sure everyone has a great time.

If you're killing yourself trying to think of awesome food ideas, visit us here for fun ideas.