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Champion picnic basket is one such picnic basket available in the market and it is one of the best picnic baskets you can have in your home.

basket-picnik-redWhen we consider about the design of the Champion picnic basket, it comes with an attractive and eye-catching suitcase design which gives it an elegant look. It is well-built with the sturdy willow construction and when we consider about its weaving conditions, it is well woven and there is no any loop holes.

Champion picnic basket has a very compact design with 16 x 12 x 8 inches dimensions which makes it easy to carry. Another important feature of the design of this picnic basket is that this comes with a leather handle which gives you a tight grip and there leather fastening straps which will allow you to close the basket efficiently. When it comes to the interior design, there are some interesting features in that too.

The upper part of the basket is designed in a way that it can store all the utensils including plates, spoons and the other stuff in it. The other section can store food items and there are two leather rings which can hold two wine glasses and napkins. So overall Champion picnic basket is consisted with a very efficient and attractive design which will make your first impression a good one.

Other Features This picnic basket comes to the market in 3 different interior colors. So you have the chance to choose your favorite from black, navy blue and red. All of these 3 colors are really attractive and they even look greater inside Champion picnic basket. One of the most important features we have in the Champion picnic basket is the utensils we have in it. Most probably this is the most important factor to purchase this wonderful picnic basket. This picnic basket comes with the equipment which can be served for 2 people.

Following are the items you have inside the Champion picnic basket. 

  •  Two 8-inch white porcelain plates One trouble most of the people face during a picnic is finding plates to eat. Sometimes they have to spend a lot of time to even find a paper plate. So having two 8-inch white porcelain plates inside your picnic basket will make things easier and you can have your food with a peace of mind. 
  •  Two hand blown 7-ounce wine glasses These are another important items you have in your package. Especially if you are going out with your love, these two hand blown 7-ounce wine glasses will make it more romantic by allowing you to have some wine with each other. 
  •  Two stainless steel forks These forks will come handy when you are having food like pasta, noodles and this is even useful when having food like meat and sausages. 
  •  Two stainless steel knives Sometimes you might forget to bring some knives to do the cutting. So having a Champion picnic basket with you during your picnic time means you have 2 stainless steel knives for your cutting stuff. 
  •  Two stainless steel spoons These too come handy and useful when eating and serving food. And they are also one of the important items you should have in your picnic. 
  •  Two 14-inch poly/cotton blend napkins These napkins are really useful while you are having your food and they come in different colors matching the interior of the Champion picnic basket. 
  •  A stainless steel waiter-style corkscrew If you are carrying a champagne bottle or beverages which are closed with corks, then having a corkscrew is really important, because you can remove the cork with the use of corkscrew. 

So it should be clear that having a Champion picnic basket is really important and really useful. This is one of the best picnic baskets for two people available in the market.

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