Country Picnic Basket (Red-white Gingham)

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This basket is made up with sturdy willow as most of the high-quality picnic baskets and a special thing in this picnic basket it is hand woven

country-picnic-basket-redwhite-cinghamThe design of the Country basket’s most important features is that it will bring memories of your grandmother’s homemade picnics of yesteryear cause of the design it has.

You’ll get a better first impression when it looked from the outside and it is even more impressive when considering about its inside. The Country basket comes with the double-lid design which is really attractive and the best thing that should be mentioned about these lids is that they are flat.

These lids are made with poplar wood so that it will offer a hard surface. Think about the things you can do with a flat hard surface in the middle of your picnic. Well, there are many more things that you can do with these flat lids. You can use it to place your drinks when you are having a quality wine time.

And you can use these lids as a cutting surface so that you can cut various food items like bread and buns by keeping on these lids. These lids are connected to the basket with leatherette accent straps.

So it is clear that these hard flat lids which are made up of poplin wood will not let you to miss the small table that you were supposed to have in your picnic. This basket is made up with sturdy willow as most of the high-quality picnic baskets. But the special thing in this picnic basket is that it is hand woven. There are only a few picnic baskets available in the market which are hand woven. Even from those picnic baskets also, there are some low-quality products.

So under these conditions, the Country picnic basket makes a great picnic basket available in the market. When we consider about the handle of the Country picnic basket, it is located in between the two flat lids and that allows you to hold the basket with ease. This picnic basket has 17.25 by 13.5 by 8.25 inches dimensions which make this a somewhat huge picnic basket which can be stored with sufficient amount of food and beverages for 3-5 people. So the handle of the picnic basket is made in a way to bare all these weights.

Another important feature is that the Country picnic basket comes with a red and white checked gingham liner. This will allow you to store all the food and beverages carefully and since this liner is removable, you can clean it by washing with hands or this can be washed with machines also.

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