Double-lid picnic basket- Verona (deluxe service for 2)

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Exquisitely handcrafted Verona picnic basket was designed for those who love to picnic on a casual level.

double-lid-picnic-basket-verona-adeline-service-for-2Double Lid Picnic Basket Verona

There are a certain number of premium finish picnic baskets that have a touch of elegance refining them.

The premium accent of such picnic baskets makes them seemingly the classiest in their segment.

The double lid Verona picnic basket has been ideally crafted to suit the needs for carrying cheese and wine to outdoor locations with ease.

The rustic feel of the design appeals to the eye while the compact nature of the picnic basket makes it small and incredibly easy to carry. It is the ideal requisite to store wine bottles, crockery and utensils.

The most eye catching feature of the Verona picnic basket tends to be its barrel shaped design along with the double lids which are easy to open and look nicer.

The design seemingly resembles elegance but is packed with an array of extensive features as well. Features Owing to the fact that the picnic basket has been specially crafted to suit the needs of carrying wine and cheese; the interiors have been accordingly designed.

This utility picnic basket has been designed for casual picnic lovers and caters to the needs of two people.

At the base of the picnic basket, provisional compartments have been provided to store the two picnic bottles.

There are straps to fasten the 8 Oz handcrafted wine glasses. A nickel plated bottle stopper with real cork has been provided along with a stainless steel waiter style corkscrew.

The picnic basket also comes in with a 6/6” standard hardwood cutting board for utility cutting and a stainless steel cheese knife. 2 napkins of dimensions 14”X14” have been provided as well.

The polyethylene lining ensures that the material encasing the picnic box is hard and durable. The compact design also makes the entire unit pretty robust and appealing in its own way. It is a great utility basket for casual picnic goers.

The Verona is a two-lid willow basket with deluxe wine and cheese service for two. It is lined with PE (polyethylene) for durability and has premium leatherette accents and canvas carry straps.

It comes complete with:

  • 2 hand-blown wine glasses (8 oz.), 
  • 1 nickel-plated bottle stopper with real cork, 
  • 1 stainless steel waiter-style corkscrew, 
  • 1 hardwood cutting board (6" x 6"), 
  • 1 stainless steel cheese knife with wooden handle, and 
  • 2 napkins (100% cotton, 14" x 14"). 

It's ideal for any gift-giving occasion!

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