Double lid willow picnic basket (service-2)

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The Double lid willow picnic basket has a very conventional barrel shaped design which brings forth a rustic feel (service-2)

Double-lid-willow-picnic-basket-service-2Double lid willow picnic basket (service-2)

 Over the period of time, people have been making their way over the conventional designs and have been embracing new innovative ones which depict style as well as utility.

In the realm of picnic baskets, the double lid willow picnic baskets have turned out to be quite impressive and highly sought after among the various people as well.

The double lid willow picnic basket has a very conventional barrel shaped design which brings forth a rustic feel owing to the integration of premium willow on the outer covering.

This also makes the picnic basket durable as well as premium in terms of quality and looks.

The barrel shape of the picnic basket has a conventional rectangular base to support it. This design also ensures that the person has enough storage space for food and drinks for two people. Features One of the most brilliant features about this design tends to be the ease with which all of the things can be located.

There are dedicated compartments situated on the lids which can be used to house the items within them.

There is also a dedicated storage space underneath the barrel shaped dome which can be used to store food items, fruits and much more.

There are dedicated spaces for storing 2 pieces of porcelain plates of dimensions 8 inches each along with 2 pieces of stainless steel knives, forks and spoons. In addition to that there is also provision for storing one standard bottle opener, 2 pieces of napkins, 2 wine glasses and one piece of salt and pepper shaker each.

The interior linen lining of the picnic basket is extremely soothing to the eyes as the colour tends to be light and therefore makes the interiors look even spacious. This is a simple and highly useful picnic basket which perfectly caters to the needs to two people that want to enjoy some good time with each other.


  •  2pcs porcelain plates 
  •  2pcs s/s knife,fork and spoons 
  •  1pc bottle opener 
  •  2pcs napkins 
  • • 2 pcs wine glasses 
  •  1pc salt and 1pc pepper shaker

 Size: • 15.75"x9"x19"

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