Food Basket Charleston( Sometimes even your kitchen may do not have this much of items)

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When it comes to the uses of Charleston picnic basket, it is not only useful when picnicking, but also it will be a great gift item. amazing product!

Picnic basket at the beachWhen it comes to going on a picnic, there are some important factors that you should pay your attention and there are some must need equipment you should include in your picnic.

A picnic basket is one of that equipment that you should have in your must need list. When we consider about picnic baskets, Choosing the best with a great quality is not easy. It is a known factor that people often go on picnics. Also, a picnic basket will be a great gift, if you are planning to give a gift, especially for a family.

But when it comes to the best products, there are only a handful of picnic basket products you can have. Charleston Picnic Basket is one of those best products which top the list. It will not be a lie if it is mentioned that the Charleston picnic basket has a total kitchen inside it. There are so much of equipment inside this basket which will definitely bring you the feel that you have brought your kitchen with you.

The following are the items which will come along with the Charleston picnic basket. 

  •  There are four 8-inch white porcelain plates which will make it easy to eat. If not you will have to look for some paper plates or some other way to have your food. 
  •  There are four 10-ounce stem-less wine glasses which will be useful for having a drink. 
  •  There are four 18/10 stainless steel knives, four forks and four spoons which will come handy when serving and having food. 
  •  The picnic basket comes with a wood paddle-style cutting board which is made up of Acasia and it can be used for cutting purposes. 
  •  There is a stainless steel cheese knife too. 
  •  This also comes with a set of stainless steel salt and pepper shakers. 
  •  There is a double-hinged stainless steel corkscrew. 
  •  “Life’s a picnic” bottle stopper. 
  •  There is an insulated removable cooler bag. 
  •  A fully insulated wine duffel too comes along with the picnic basket. 
  •  There is a low-lying 22-inch wooden slat table for serving and a made-in-USA cotton/poly blend poplin patchwork quilt that measures 67 by 57 inches.

When it comes to the durability of the Charleston picnic basket, it is really high when compared to other picnic baskets You will be able to keep your basket for many years, and you might even want to pass it on to your own children when they have families of their own. Sometimes even your kitchen may do not have this much of items.

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