Elegant- picnic wine basket (service for two)

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The basket does boast a very unconventional design but packs in quite a generous amount of features within

elegant-picnic-wine-basket-service-for-twoElegant Picnic Wine Basket The elegant picnic wine basket has a very convenient design integrated on to it. The design is newer and does not resemble the conventional ones at all.

Yet, the picnic basket has a very cosy and appealing feel to it which makes it one of the most sought after designs in the market.

One of the most eye catching features of the picnic basket tends to be the fact that the picnic basket has a very cosy colour painted on it.

In addition to that the soothing design seemingly resembles a vintage touch. The picnic wine basket has been ethically crafted to ensure that it can hold a generous number of items with ease and still ooze out enough space to store the essentials.

The dedicated compartments are capable of holding the glassware, utensils and crockery along with the salt and pepper shakers.

The basket has been specially crafted to hold wine in place so that there isn’t any chance of spillage.

The dedicated compartment is capable of holding a full size wine bottle with ease and leave space at the central region for food items, cloths and napkins. Features

The picnic basket has been efficiently catered to meet the services for two and comes in with the following:

  • 2 sets of flatware that come along with white handles for easier grip.
  • 2 ceramic plates of standard size and dimensions (8 inches each). 
  • 2 wine glasses with a dedicated slot for keeping them 
  • 1 wine bottle opener 
  • 2 napkins of standard size 
  • 1 salt shaker and pepper shaker each 

The shoulder strap has been provided along with the picnic basket such that people can easily strap on the basket to their shoulders for easier mobility. The basket does boast a very unconventional design but packs in quite a generous amount of features within.

It is a great utility basket for two people.

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