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Canasta is a flat-lidded empty picnic basket

flat-lidded-willow-basket-canastaThe Canasta picnic basket has a flat lidded design. You can have many advantages with this flat lid. You can place your drinks on this with no reservations since the surface is flat. And you can use this flat surface for cutting purposes like, slicing bread or related food items. And you can use this flat lid for applying cheese, jam, butter or any other. Another important feature is that this lid can be removed, allowing you to use it with more space, because sometimes you will be disturbed with the open lid when serving food.

The Canasta flat lidded empty picnic basket is made with sturdy willow and when we consider about the weaving, the basket is well woven with no loopholes. Another important thing which you can see with the weaving is that the manufactures have used the double-strand weave design in this Canasta flat lidded empty picnic basket.

This picnic basket is attached with two straps made up of high quality canvas material which has a good strength, so that it can be held above the ground with peace of mind. These straps are attached to the basket with high quality leather and in the middle of the canvas straps you will have another piece of leather, which will offer you a better comfy grip. The Canasta flat lidded empty picnic basket is integrated with a form-fitted cotton blend interior cover in it over the sturdy willow, so that your food and beverages can be placed cleanly and carefully.

What’s special in this cover is that it is removable. So that you can remove it whenever needed and you can clean it with ease. And this cover has folded over the rim or the edge of the basket. Its sturdy willow base has an attractive double-strand weave design, and its lid is made of a stained composite wood that can be used as a level surface to hold your drinks, plates or other items.

The basket measures 16.5" x 11.3" x 9.8" and is lined with a removable, form-fitted poly/cotton cover that folds over the rim and stays securely in place with two sets of tie straps.

Two long cotton canvas straps can be secured together with a fastening handle for comfortable carrying. Discover the many ways you can enjoy the Canasta Basket!

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