Hiking is an excellent workout activity


Hiking tips

Hiking is an excellent workout activity, which is a very low impact. There are various physical and mental benefits are attached to it.

For example, it helps in reducing the anxiety and prevents osteoporosis. With the workout, you will also get to see the scenic beauty,

it is a type of outdoor picnic, and that is fun.

In hiking there are various unpredictable variables are involved which is very different from walking on the treadmill. These variables,

which are making the hiking very much enjoyable. Below you will find the best tips, which help in making your hiking a success.

Choosing of the small and the right trail

Always select a hike of shorter distance then normally what you are walking on a paved surface. The time estimation would roughly

include 2-miles per hour, which is enough for the hike.

Review all the elevation changes and then add 1000 feet of gain in an hour in your estimated hiking time. When you have done hiking

one or two times then you would get the sense of the distance and the elevation changes that are working best for you.

Get Familiar with trail

Obtain the map of the area and review all the reports and the data once the trail is selected. There are various online resources available for it.

Find out that the trial is a loop or a backtrack in which you have to spot the second car.

Also, make a note of the intersecting trails in case if you could make a wrong turn. Take out the good lunch spot nearby to a lake or in some

place having the amazing view.

Check the weather before hiking

Before a few hours starting of your hike look at the weather conditions. This is very valuable for packing your bags and the dress you should

carry with yourself while packing. If the weather condition is awful then you have to change your plans for the trails.

Inform someone about your whereaboutshiking-trail-sign

It is very important that someone who is not on the hike knows very well about your whereabouts and the timings of contacting you. He should in

details know about all your plans and when to start worrying about you and start calling for the help.

It is not the expected finish time but after including the delay time of several hours, which also includes due to slow hiking, amazing views or might

be due to a sore ankle.

The delay can affect your further hiking journey also so you need to take a lot of care about it. If sometimes there is an emergency you have to

take with you the emergency device which is known as a SPOT tracker. This will help you summon some emergency assistance by means of satellite.

But you must take care of your own self while hiking.

Pack the essential things you need for hiking --

There are 10 essential things that you must consider while going on for hiking. These items are a must if you are going on a hiking trip.

This will ensure that you remain safe and you can expand or reduce

this list depending on the duration and length of your hike trip. Like you would need a blanket in your hike trip but if it is in summer and for short duration,

you can choose a compact one while if it is in winter then you must choose something more protective.

*You must include these 10 essentials in your bag while you start your hiking trip. It includes --

  • Compass and map for navigation
  • sunscreen and sunglasses for protection from the sun.
  • Moisturiser or cold cream if you are traveling in winter.
  • Extra pair of clothing.
  • Torch or headlamp for proper lighting and illumination
  • first aid supplies waterproof matches and
  • candles for creating fire.
  • Tools and kit for emergency repair.
  • Extra food for emergency and
  • instant nutrition extra water or glucose to remain hydrated emergency shelter.

*These things are a must and you might not consider this as something major but if you do not have these in case of emergency

then it will be a big issue.

Shoes and socks matter a lot –

Imagine your shoes getting torn in the middle of your hiking trip. It can be painful for your feet and also with that pain it would be super difficult to proceed

upward as well as move downwards.

There are several light hiking boots available on the market and you can choose any of them. Woollens or synthetic socks are more preferred as compared

to cotton socks while hiking.

Dressing for a hike –

Do not opt for cotton clothing. Instead, choose something that is comfortable. Something very tight and clammy can make it difficult for you to reach the top.

Choose loose clothing that is made up of breathable material and soft. You can wear different layers that can be added or shed depending on the surrounding

temperature. If it is winter season then you must pack an extra warm layer of clothing beyond what you think will be needed.

Do not make it very heavy –

While hiking you will be carrying your stuff with you wherever you go in the form of a backpack. So, it is best to keep your stuff light as much as possible.

This will make it easy for you to hike. slow and steady – Try not to over pace yourself at the beginning of your hike.  Start steadily and then pick up the pace as

you move forward. Keep a pace that you will be able to maintain throughout the day. Save your energy for the rest of the day.

great-mountain-viewDon't leave your traces –

Don't leave any traces when you go back to your home after hiking. It is advisable not to leave any rubbish or garbage in the hiking area when you leave.

Nature is beautiful and you must make sure that you keep it beautiful for others as well.

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