Napa Basket- Perfect for Wine and Cheese

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It has a very conventional feel to it which has been brilliantly coupled with the modern and contemporary elements.

napa-picnic basket. Napa Basket, perfect for wine and cheese No picnic can be complete without the perfect blend of food and enchanting liquor.

The food items are certainly an integral part of any picnic while cheese and wine are the best of assortments which makes the picnic a grand success. Carrying wine and cheese in the picnic basket at times can be a difficult task. Carrying the wine bottle, in general, is much more of a hassle as there are chances that the wine might stumble over or spill easily.

The Napa basket has been specially crafted to ensure that the person can carry wine and cheese with relative ease. In terms of the design, the Napa basket is certainly way ahead of the conventional one. It has a very conventional feel to it which has been brilliantly coupled with the modern and contemporary elements.

The off-whitish tinge to the rustic design is way ahead of its time owing to which it easily grabs the attention of the people. The interior sports a soothing tomato red colour with polka dots.

This is a minimalistic design which helps elevate the beauty of the entire picnic basket. Salient Features One of the most comprehensive features about the Napa picnic basket is the fact that it has been specially crafted to store wine and cheese securely for a picnic.

With the conventional set of looks, it can easily house 2 sets of flatware, 2 sets of ceramic plates of 8” each.

It has dedicated compartments to securely fasten the wine glasses as well.

The utensils like the spoons, cheese knife, and the forks can be easily stored. The cheese cutting board is also securely positioned in its very own space. Owing to such a configuration, there is an ample amount of space left which helps to store the wine bottle, bread, food, fruits and all of the other essentials.

It is a great picnic basket to enjoy a cozy day out with the loved one. It comes with the amenities you will need for an intimate wine and cheese outing for two including: 

  • 2 hand-blown wine glasses (8 oz.), 
  • 1 hardwood cutting board (6" x 6"), 
  • 1 stainless steel waiter-style corkscrew with wooden handle,
  •  1 stainless steel cheese knife with wooden handle, 
  • 2 napkins (100% cotton, 14" x 14"), 
  • 1 food container (plastic), and 
  • 1 tablecloth (100% cotton, 44" x 44"). 

Let the Napa - Botanica picnic basket inspire you to steal away for the perfect picnic!

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