Piccadilly picnic basket

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Piccadilly picnic basket comes to the market with a number of features.

    Piccadilly Picnic Basket Despite the advances that we have made from the older days, there are many people that feel enchanted with the reminiscence of what we have left behind. The Piccadilly picnic basket has been specially crafted for such people.
    The Piccadilly picnic basket has been ideally crafted keeping in mind the conventional design and feel. The rustic feel with threaded columns makes the basket appear as a conventional one with untouched beauty and feel.
    It is ideally the best for the people that are still in love with the older relics. This design of the picnic basket is simply awe-inspiring and at the same time very useful too.
    This picnic basket is perfectly suited for two people and can house all the requisite items that are needed for a grand and satisfying picnic.
    It is really reminiscent of the older days where a picnic was the best way to bring together two people or a family through a grand outdoor celebration.
    The Piccadilly picnic basket has some gracious looks and also brings forth an array of compelling features. The willow finish helps to uplift the beauty of the product and the utility prospects help to make it the best picnic basket out there.
    The dual opening lids have been used to house the ceramic plates which are two in number along with the 2 glasses or tumblers. There is a dedicated fabric role which houses the spoons, forks and the butter knife.
    This helps to save the space for other requisites like the tablecloth and the napkins as well. The Piccadilly picnic basket has been able to provide for good spacing within so that the person can easily store all of the essentials.
    At the same time the fundamental requisites (some of which are fragile) are fastened securely such that they remain safe and easily accessible.
  •  1 Willow picnic basket 
  •  2 plates (melamine, 8", solid white) 
  •  2 wine glasses (PS, 8 oz.) 
  •  2 (18/0) stainless steel forks, knives, and spoons (plastic, wood grain design handles) 
  •  1 stainless steel waiter-style corkscrew KEY FEATURES: 
  •  Picnic basket made of willow with double-lid design and integrated woven willow handle 
  •  Fully-lined interior 
  •  Roll-up silverware pouch
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