Picnic Blankets- Vista XL

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The exterior/underside of the tote/blanket is solid while the inside/topside has an attractive multi-colored designs you haven't seen on an outdoor blanket.

picnic-blanketPicnic Blankets XL

Vista Picnic blankets serve a very important purpose when the people are heading outdoors for picnic and events.

These picnic blankets serve a number of purposes like placement of food or for making seating arrangements as well. Over the years the picnic blankets seem to have gone out of the market and therefore a certain makeover would really help.

The picnic blankets XL Vista can be envisioned as a revamped model of the conventional designs.

These blankets have been produced in such a way so that they can be easily carried from one place to another owing to their foldable structure which resembles a carry bag.

The design has been kept minimalistic to ensure that the dimensions of the product remain small so that it can be effectively stored in one place. Looks and design The design resembles conventional picnic blankets where the outer layer comes in one solid colour.

The interior designs come in various variations and therefore are quite appealing to individuals out there that want to have various options in their hand.

The entire product conveniently zips into a carry tote which makes the product easily manageable. With the help from the adjustable carry strap, nearly anyone will be easily able to carry the product from one place to another.

There is an extra-large pocket at the front side of the tote which can be used for storage of a number of fundamentals. Among the other most comprehensible features, the product can also be washed in machine and easily dried as well.

The product in all has been crafted out of the finest possible textile to make it appealing and long lasting with respect to its usability. With its unique features and appealing design, it is a product which will surely appeal to everyone out there heading out for a picnic.

The Vista Blanket is an outdoor blanket that zips into a convenient carry tote.

It has an adjustable carry strap and an extra-large pocket on the front of the tote. The exterior/underside of the tote/blanket is solid while the inside/topside has an attractive multi-colored design you haven't seen on an outdoor blanket.

Add the fact that it's machine washable and dryable, and we're pretty sure you're going to love this blanket!

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