Planning the Perfect Picnic – A Step by Step Guide

perfect picnic-panoramaPerfect picnic planning steps guide

Everyone loves picnic and summer season is filled with a picnic and recreational activities. But there is a lot to consider when you are planning a perfet picnic. Many different things must be considered that influences the decisions you need to make while planning for a picnic, such as weather conditions, group size, cost, and food you must take. Here is the guide that you must consider while planning for the perfect picnic.

-- How many persons are coming to your picnic how-many-persons-are-coming-to-your-picnic

The first step of picnic planning is to consider how many people would be joining in for the picnic. This figure will help you do the budgeting and many other aspects of your planning.

Also, if there are any kids or elderly, note for any special requirements for the participants of the picnic. Also, consider if you are going to have pets or people with some allergies along with you in the group. If it is just a romantic couple picnic then you do must not focus on this aspect to a great extent.

If it is a corporate or school picnic then several other things need to be focused. You might need to send invites to friends, families or students or colleagues before deciding the number of participants.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Choosing the best location- important --choosing-best-location

After considering the size of your group you must consider the location options for a picnic. If you are a family then choose 2-3 options for a picnic and discuss the pros and cons of the locations with your group.

Choose your location type such as mountain hiking, local park, theme park, camping etc depending on your choice. You must choose the location wisely as per your preferences. There should be a little touch of adventure but do not choose something very difficult that will be beyond your limits.

Select a location where you can enjoy and have fun and consider surroundings and weather conditions while leaving.

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-- Essential equipment to go on the perfect  picnic 

There is some equipment that is essential if you are looking to go on a picnic. Food, paper plates, water bottles, napkins, and glasses are a few to remember. Although there is no rule book for equipment needed for a picnic, these will

definitely come handy in most of the cases.

  • Rucksack or picnic basket
  • water cooler for a picnic
  • blankets or plastic for seating
  • disposable utensils and plates
  • dustbin bags, wipes, and napkins.

That is really not an exhaustive list and if you are going to a theme park or place where you are going to get all the food and accessories then do not carry those and opt for light snacks only.

If you are choosing to go to camping or a place where there will be not many amenities then you must consider taking these kinds of stuff too with you.

  • Torch or lighting
  • some extra games for playing outdoors
  • BBQs for picnic
  • stoves if you are going to cook or roast something
  • wine totes
  • first aid box
  • cheese box and knives
  • salt and pepper or extra condiments
  • food covers
  • flasks for juices

Check the weather conditions --check-the-weather-conditions

Knowing about the weather is very much important if you are planning your picnic. If it is windy or monsoon season then is prepared to take waterproof stuff with you.

Other aspects of the picnic can be controlled by you but nature is not in your control so you must expect the worst case and prepare for it. Make sure to research well about the location and its weather before you set out for a picnic.


--Go, foodie 

Nowadays there is a trend to plan perfect picnic theme and plan the food accordingly. So, you can choose the food that is easy to carry, will not get spoilt on the way, is light and not much oily and of course, the people joining in the picnic must like that food.

Food is very important part of the picnic as after a lot of play and recreational activities outdoors, everyone feels hungry and wants something to munch on while chatting with friends.

Including some fruits in the list of food can be a good idea as they do not get spoilt easily. Also, snacks, salad, sweets can be easy to carry and can be filling too. If you are a big group then you can distribute the load and ask each of the people to get something

for a picnic, but make sure that all of the participants do not end up bringing the same stuff.

time-to-picnicom Drinks are important too--

while getting some drinks at a picnic is not mandatory, it is always advisable to carry clean and safe drinking water in adequate quantity. Apart from that if you are going for a picnic where you can easily buy some soft drinks or fruit juices

then do not carry those with you as it will be an additional burden. If you are going to make some homemade drink or juice then you can carry that special drink for yourself and your guests too. Consider the season and your group’s choice while packing the drinks.

picnicom-games-picnic-- Entertainment and recreation 

You are going on a perfect picnic for fun and recreation and obviously, outdoor games are the best way to refresh yourself. You can take some fun games along with you that is easy to carry especially if you have kids along with you. Take some music player that can

be a good source of entertainment. Card games, board games, kites, balls, frisbees, and badminton are the most common games that you can carry on a picnic.

Safety and preventing measures –safety-preventing-measures

safety is very much important to take care while going on a picnic for both kids as well as elderly. It is advisable to carry emergency medicines or first aid kit with you on a perfect picnic that must include bandages, balm, antiseptic cream, paracetamol etc.

Clean up the area– Clean up the area 

It is important to clean up the area you visited after the picnic. Natural spots are clean and beautiful and we must strive hard to keep

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