Portable Aluminum Picnic Table

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Portable Aluminum Picnic Table has a retro look all its own with a Formica table top framed in aluminum.

Portable Aluminum Picnic Table

The foldable unit has been built using stainless steel. Owing to its persistent use in outdoor situations,

it is important that such foldable tables are built using the strongest material which would be sturdy and immune to the hazardous elements of nature. In terms of the design and features, this portable outdoor picnic table has retractable legs which fold easily into one single unit underneath the table top.

This makes the entire unit shrink to less than half of its original size, thus reducing the dimensions. The table has been built using lightweight

stainless steel which is easy to carry yet durable. The seats feature a maximum weight capacity of around 250 LBS which ensures that 4 people can easily be seated in comfortable ways.

There is a central hole in the table top as well which can be used to pitch in the outdoor picnic umbrella as well during the sunny days.

It is a great utility product which comes in really handy for picnics, outdoor events like hiking and much more. has a retro look all its own with a Formica table top framed in aluminum.

Its sleek design is reminiscent of tables found in 1950s diners. It's a compact fold-out table with bench seats for four that you can take anywhere.

  • The legs and seats fold into the table when collapsed so the item is easy to store and transport.
  • It has a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs. per seat and 20 lbs. for the table.
  •  The seats are molded polypropylene with a basket weave pattern in a neutral Grey color. 
  • The frame is aluminum alloy for durability. 

The Aluminum Picnic Table is ideal for outdoor or indoor use, whenever you need an extra table and seats.

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