Tailgating cooler | propane barbecue set- Vulcan (with or without wheels)

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Don't be caught without the Vulcan with Trolley at your next tailgating party!

Tailgating Cooler – Propane BBQ set

With the passage of time we have been able to see a lot of changes in the design and efficiency of several products.

The tailgating cooler is a brilliant example of such a product which brings forth a unique design and a mesmerising array of features as well.

This cooler bag with an integrated BBQ set is one of the finest products which are sure to be loved by picnic and outdoor enthusiasts.

The PVC cooler with an integrated BBQ set on wheels is a first of its kind and has been inspired from the aspects of efficient multi-dimensional design and utility.

There are dedicated compartments within which essentially house all of the BBQ tools and griller with ease. The entire product is capable of carrying the full BBQ propane set and also a loaded cooler with a number of things like drinks, fruits, veggies and much more.

This compact unit features an elegant and characteristic design which is efficient and innovative. The large insulated lining is also removable depending upon the heating and cooling needs of the person.

Features of the product

The product features a large number of mesmerising features which makes it the most utility carrier out there. The cooler can be unzipped from the main compartment to access the BBQ set which also comprises of a propane BBQ grill.

The cooler has also been provided with two carry on straps that have two integrated mesh pockets on the interior lid.

There are provisions for three zipped exterior pockets that can be used for the storage of personal items. In addition to that, two drawstring pockets have also been provided which can be used for the storage of propane tanks.

There are provisions for padded handles and a carry on strap in the top where a towel or the picnic blanket can easily be stored.

The adjustable shoulder strap with a waterproof base ensures that one can feel the comfort and enjoy the durability of the product as well.

The Vulcan with Trolley is a Picnic Time original design and the ultimate tailgating cooler and propane barbecue set on wheels! Don't be fooled by other similar looking items on the market.

Only Picnic Time's Vulcan with Trolley features a PVC cooler that conveniently nests inside the compartment that houses the portable propane BBQ.

The tote can carry the BBQ and a fully-loaded cooler at the same time! This patented, innovative design features a large insulated and fully-removable, water-resistant cooler that measures 16 x 8 x 7" and holds up to 24 12-oz soda cans.

Unzip the cooler from the main tote to access the portable propane barbecue grill that's included. The cooler has two carry straps on either side, and features a mesh pocket on the interior lid that fits a large ice pack/gel pack. T

he Vulcan with Trolley also features an adjustable shoulder strap with comfort pad, a reinforced waterproof base,

  • Three large zippered exterior pockets to store personal effects, 
  • 2 drawstring pockets to hold propane tanks (not included),
  •  padded carry handles, and a stretch cargo cord on the top of the tote to carry a blanket or towel.

 Included in the tote are: 

  • 1 portable LP (propane) BBQ grill with lid (16.7 x 10.8 x 5.1"),
  •  one black drawstring bag to hold the grill, 
  • 1 trolley with telescoping handle, 
  • 4" all-terrain wheels and stability bar (maximum load capacity of 77 lbs.), and 
  • three stainless steel tools with aluminum handles and non-slip thumb grips: 
  • 1 large spatula featuring a built-in bottle opener, grill scraper, and serrated edge for cutting, 
  • 1 pair of tongs, and 
  • 1 BBQ fork.

 Don't be caught without the Vulcan with Trolley at your next tailgating party!

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